To be frank, the cleaning industry has a dirty reputation. When we first met Freska, a modern and tech-based cleaning company, they were struggling with suspicious clients and xenophobia that targeted their cleaners. After a thorough study of the biggest fears that their customers harboured, we decided to tackle them by bringing the cleaners to the fore, and demonstrating that they are actual people with feelings, dreams and hobbies. With a simple, yet dynamic video, we introduced a humane, funny and touching side of the cleaning industry. The campaign was an instant success, resulting in a 35% growth in Freska's conversion rates, over a million views in total and nearly 800 posted questions on the campaign website. More importantly, Freska received hundreds of pieces of spontaneous and positive feedback. In the end, the philosophy of the videos became the core of the company’s strategy.


Project: Truth About Cleaners

Client: Freska

Date: August 2017

Roles: Lead creative, copywriter

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