I have been in charge of Iittala's tone of voice as well as conceptual work and copywriting since November 2016. Since then, I've worked on large international campaigns, new product launches and strategic copywriting. Working with Iittala has been a journey of diving deep into an iconic and internationally recognised brand's voice and moulding it to keep it contemporary, yet rooted in a set brand philosophy. Among my biggest successes have been the launch of Iittala Journal and Floral Affair, a beloved campaign that cast Iittala vases in a new light.


Project: Iittala

Client: Iittala

Date: Ongoing

Roles: Lead copywriter, concept designer, editor

"Make room for light – discover the ingredients of harmony."

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 16.16.11.png

"There are no rules. Mix bold shades and rich tints, delicate shapes and simple forms. Use classics as your canvases and paint them with speckles of colour. Gather your loved ones around a table that celebrates the spectrum of life. Reset the table with colour."

Reset the Table booklet, 2017