LEON Magazine is Agency Leroy's passion project; a free dive into topics that the agency and its friends and collaborators find fascinating. Although rooted in a concrete hunger for contemporary food culture, LEON's fourth issue ventured further and attempted to grapple the issue of class in all of its forms. As one of the editors of LEON #4, I had a big impact on what the issue is about. I was in charge of commissioning, editing and writing articles, including a long-play travel and politics food diary from my nearly month-long trip to Myanmar.


Project: LEON Magazine

Client: Agency Leroy

Date: 10/2017

Roles: Writer, editor 


Class sounds like an archaic concept – but if it is obsolete, why do we see traces of it in everything around us?

We peer out of the dirty windows, our imaginations running wild. The books that rest on our laps tell the stories that unfold in the mountains that spread out before us.
— Somewhere East of Suez, Leon #4