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As a child, I would write stories that were so sad that I would cry while writing them. If I wasn't crying, they weren't sad enough. I still write stories, but tears aren't a form of quality control anymore. 

My own story has unfolded across Europe: in London where I satiated my curiosity by studying the history of the British empire and transatlantic slavery and learning how to look at the world critically at the London School of Economics, Lisbon where I spent a year hunting antiques, shivering, sweating and swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, and Copenhagen that treated me for an endless summer of rain.

I'm currently based in Helsinki where I work as a writer at Agency Leroy. At Leroy, I've scripted and directed ads, co-authored a book, worked on lots of magazines and written endless lines of copy. I'm constantly yearning for vast oceans, weird stories and obscure places.

If you'd like to share a secret, propose to me, or work with me, reach out at matilda at