Nordic Spirits is an eclectic collection of stories from the north. From clandestine insect farmers to scientists who are changing the world with biodegradable packaging, it portrays the folly and the brilliance that hide in the north. Created in less than two months, its beauty lies in its variety, the agility of its birthing process and the curiosity it captured; our communal will to seek obscure stories and interesting people. Because of the freedom granted by the client to the team, the result is a celebration of Nordic spirit. Nordic Spirits is one of my favourite projects to date. Having such a strong influence on both the ideation and creation process was unmatched.


Project: Nordic Spirits

Client: Altia

Date: 1/2017-2/2017

Roles: Editor, writer, researcher

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When we part ways, I try to spot the Northern Lights. We’ve checked the forecast and it looks good tonight, but the only lights I can see are the twinkling lights of the mine.
— Falling into the Belly of the Earth
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I only know one thing: life doesn’t boil down to a decision between a three-piece suit and a torn white t-shirt. If you truly think that, you have missed the point.
— Prime of Youth
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Sliding down the icy slope, Daniel Palillo is the antithesis of the cliché of the pretentious fashion designer-turned-painter.
— Into the Woods with Daniel Palillo